Our introductory courses are tailored for the absolute beginners. Over a span of 8 weeks, the foundations and basic techniques of the dance genre will be taught at a manageable pace. Our instructors will ensure that you will get the detailed attention that you need and will advice you regularly on what needs to be worked on. 

*Course dates updated as of 25/12/2017


 Intro to Hip Hop

 Sat 130pm

 Sun 330pm

 6 Jan '17

 13 Jan '17




 Intro to Girls Hip Hop

 Sat 530pm

 Sun 430pm

 20 Jan '17

 7 Jan '17



 Intro to Contemporary

 Tues 630pm

 2 Jan '17




 Intro to Street Jazz

 Thurs 630pm

 11 Jan '18



This is a progressive course with a thematic approach towards the learning of Hip Hop. No dance routines will be taught for introductory classes in order to focus on the foundations. Students will master the technical skills of Hip Hop and learn to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Basics such as how to bounce, groove, wave and learning how to move to a variety of tempos and time signatures will be emphasized. For beginner courses, re-enforcement of the previous lesson will aid the students' recall of what was learnt in the previous lesson and help to reinforce the work at hand.

As Hip Hop is a continually evolving and changing genre we envisage regular updates and variations to the syllabus – we are committed to it being a living, breathing document subject to pertinent changes at regular intervals.





Calling out to all the femmes out there who always have the desire to dance but never dare to try. This class welcomes all with no dance background. Girls can be powerful yet sensual and feminine. Learn to groove and move to the latest and hottest tunes.

This course will focus on the fundamentals of hip hop moves - with a feminine touch!





This freestyle course is catered to dancers who are eager to enrich their understanding and skills to interpret music through their own movements. The objectives of this 8-week learning experience include expanding dance vocabulary, deepening understanding of musicality & battle strategies. A mini battle will conclude the course to allow students to apply what they have learnt throughout this journey. This course aims to help dancers develop their knowledge and boost their confidence in showcasing their own "Freestyle".





Simple, easy-to-follow exercises that builds on alignment of the body, space, time and energy, this course will be suitable for those who have little or no dance background and wanting to look for an avenue to breakthrough into dance. Classes are structured to progressively warm up the participants and work on their foundations, without changing the syllabus significantly through the 8 weeks - it will only be added on to existing elements to further participants awareness and stamina. In other words, no choreography. Just plain technique so that foundation is built on firm ground.





The class focuses on the fundamentals of movement, improvement of flexibility, upper body strengthening and common jazz dance vocabulary. Students gain a comfort level with the basics; a ‘stepping stone’ or ‘spring board’ to the open classes.

The class consists of warm up, instruction in technique, and then a short dance combination/routine. It is structured in a slower, more accessible manner suitable for absolute beginners. Upbeat, positive, feedback coupled with an approachable, non-threatening atmosphere encourages a great and effective learning environment. Come and experience the power and the passion.





Street Jazz has become one of the most watched dance style in recent years mainly due to it’s popularity on television spectaculars, movies, music videos and commercials. Explore Street Jazz and heighten your dance performance with an explosive feminine and sensual appeal. This is for the ladies, who want to add style and personality to your dancing!





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