Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music. These classes usually utilize upbeat music and is not limited to just the latest hip hop hits but also, music from various genres. Using different combinations of movements and techniques from the wide range of styles associated with Hip Hop, each of our instructors provide their own unique style and flavour.

Expect an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and techniques, but also instils rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.



Hip Hop with an added element of sass and sexiness. Inspired by artistes, such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Pussycat Dolls etc. This class aims to empower women with confidence and exploring their feminine side.



A Basic Groove class breaks down music and rhythm to help everyone from experienced dancers to absolute beginners find their own groove. Students will be guided through exercises to explore movement and music, rather than teaching a choreographed dance.

Fundamentals like how to understand and control the body, connection to the music and adding style to the movement are the goals of this class. This is a class for you to build your own groove, in your own way.



Hip Hop has expanded into a cultural phenomenon in Korea. This movement has been growing since the mid-90s and has been gaining attention internationally. Our classes infuse Hip Hop repertoires to popular Korean tracks and still trains on the core fundamentals of Hip Hop dancing.



The kind of energetic dance often associated with television shows, music videos and artistes such as Britney Spears and Madonna. Jazz dance is such a versatile style that it can be combined with other dances from lyrical, contemporary and hip hop.

Every Jazz teacher teaches his or her own specific style. Whether it is fast or lyrical, it is highly technical and powerful. A dancer can perform Jazz to any music. Instead of rules and restrictions, you can give way to your own spontaneous vitality to be creative and personal in this dance style.


Students will discover the use of their bodies, master technical skills of Jazz dance and learn to build strength, stamina and flexibility that are essential for dance.



Street Jazz is simply a mixture of modern hip hop styles and jazz dance moves. The dance works on the dancer's creativity, their understanding of the music and their energy. It is energetic and funky, a type of dance you would expect to see in a pop MV.



Lyrical jazz dance refers to the unique style of jazz dance that expresses emotional sentiment through the use of the balletic line [not ballet steps] as a counterbalance to the percussive features of conventional jazz dance. Its rhythmic movement uses the entire body, extends the body line and avoids sharp, angular movements to interpret the essence of the music.



Contemporary dance is the name given to a group of 20th century dance forms. It is a collection of systems and methods developed from modern and postmodern dance, even though contemporary dance is not a specific dance technique.

Emphasis is more than just on technique, which is seen as a tool for the dancer and a means by which to strengthen the body and increase flexibility. Contemporary dance draws on modern dance techniques and an array of still developing philosophies of movement based on study of the human body and body-mind inter-relationships,

Contemporary dance principles include: centering, alignment, gravity, breath, contraction, release, fall and recovery, suspension, balance and off-balance, tension and relaxation, opposition and emotion.