It is our focus to educate children with the highest quality training in enhancing techniques, style and performance. Performance is an important aspect of dance education. Danz People annually holds a recital to showcase the talent of all the students and to serve as a learning experience.

Children can gain great benefits as well as great pleasure from dance training. Dancing gives children stronger bodies and more alert minds. It allows children to explore space, improve co-ordination. They learn good posture, as well as develop musicality and listening skills.

Dance develops children’s use of imagination and non-verbal communication through movement and provides opportunities for the development of personal and social skills through individual and group work. An exhilarating sense of achievement can be felt as control of the body is attained. The confidence developed once skills are mastered, can carry over into other aspects of a child’s life.



Children will learn to punch out a routine fit for MTV and develop their groove while moving to the energetic music and the latest tune. This fun and exciting course will enable children to explore movement and musicality as well as enhance motor skills and co-ordination. Not to forget the added benefit of self-expression!


Age group: 4-6 years
Duration: 1 hour
Attire: Dress comfortably; T-shirts, track pants, leotards, tights
Footwear: Sneakers

Age group: from 7-12 years
Duration: 1 hour
Attire: Comfortable workout gear
Footwear: Sneakers or track shoes


kids hiphop


Jazz is a continually changing and evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few. The class provide an innovative system of training that encompasses all styles from foundation Jazz to the very latest Moves. Students are taught the historical jazz movements, turns, kicks and jumps moving from warm ups and progression to the fun dance routine that is the latest.


kids hiphop


Age: 3 – 4 years / 5 - 8 years
Duration: 1 hr per session
Attire: Girls (Leotards & Tights) Boys (Tees & Track Pants)
Footwear: Jazz Shoes



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