Featuring 20 over classes. Have fun trying out the varied dance styles! Mingle and dance your heart out  with  danz people! Our instructors are dedicated to making sure that each student’s ability is nurtured to it’s full potential. Danz People instructors exude energy and vitality, and ranges from street dancers to those trained in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz, offering a wide variety of genres across different disciplines.

Being active performers as well, they’re able to share their up to the minute performance skills and industry knowledge with their students. Accomplished as they are, they are also constantly working to further their teaching skills. Danz People believes that everyone can dance, regardless of talent. Some students will become beautiful dancers, others will become beautiful moms and dads. We’re building dancers, but we’re also building audiences. It isn’t always technique that is being stressed, we stress good attitudes and effort.

Danz People Instructors are youthful spirits, multi dimensional in character but singular in the decision to embrace and dance sincerely about Life! With an unique energy and spirit associated with Danz People, we strives to use our artistry to touch and captivate the people and the dance-loving world!

Here's the schedule for our Open House! Check out the classes you want to take!



Open House 2016 was a huge success! Check out our recap video!