Danz People would like to thank everyone for their generous support for this event.

Danz Collective (previously known as United We Boogie) was launched in 2010. This event is a coalition of dance individuals, groups and organization, united in their efforts to promote, inspire and celebrate dance. This international event is fueled by the belief that dance have the ability to reach across geographic, linguistic and cultural borders, inspiring each other, advancing mutual understanding among their communities. It also showcases our local dancers and emerging choreographers through competition show.

Through the years, Danz Collective has seen notable choreographers and dancers like Wade Robson, Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo, Kupono Awaeu (SYTYCD finalist USA), Shaun Evaristo, Will Johnston, Dejan Tubic, Brian Puspos, Beat Buddy Boi, Koutei Sennin, Rie Hata, Dee Blast, Jillian Meyers, Aye Hasagawa, Beau Fournier, Andre Fuentes and many more, share their experiences and skill with our community.

The event evolved through the time to cater to the needs of the community, and new ideas explored to contribute to the dynamism. It endeavors to generate learning opportunities encompassing performing, creating and of course, skill development.

The event schedule consists of several components:

Danz Collective Experience
Battle of the Choreographers

Danz Collective is yet another special project of Danz People - to promote, inspire and celebrate dance!