Danz People is the home of three big dance groups. Their aim is not only to represent the studio but idealizes on celebrating dance as a team. This one big family is composed of United Groovers for adults, Junior Groovers for teens and Mini Groovers for kids. They don’t just dance for fun, they dance to represent one big family united to exemplify harmonious excellence.





United Groovers is a group of talented individuals formed solely to represent Danz People in various performances inside and outside Singapore. It aims to be a trusted and credible group in terms of longevity to represent the studio excellently.

Being the senior group in the Danzpeople family, United Groovers is privileged to work with top caliber choreographers from around the world. Among them were Elm Pizarro (the brainchild of Boogiezone community), Beau Fournier (Fanny Pak) from the United States, Alvin de Castro from Austalia and Rie Hata (LOL chicks) from Japan.

United Groovers are regular performers on Singapore's events such as Esplanade's Da:ns Festival, United We Boogie and Danz People's annual dance recital.

Some other recent events that the crew has participated in:
4flo Sixteen Dance Crew Challenge- Guest Item
Standard Chartered Annual Dinner and Dance
Safra Dance Fiesta 2011
Perak Arts Festival





The junior team is the teenage crew of Danz People with members ranging from 15 to 17 years of age. Although young, this group of dancers has tremendous potential and has already proven themselves numerous times in national competitions and performances.

The crew has clinched champions for the Shine Youth Festival Hip Hop in the City Dance Competition and entered the final round of the Gatsby Styling Dance Contest. The crew has also performed in events like da:ns festival, TV Programmes and also TV advertisement, some of the members have even proved themselves to be capable of performing with Danz People's principal crew United Groovers.




Mini Groovers is a group of talented and young dedicated kids put together by Danz People. These kids have a passion and love for dance. They have been undergoing constant training and have performed on both stage and television. These included Mediacorp-Thye Hua Kuan Charity Show and Mediacorp’s Lunar New Year Countdown show, MCYS Volunteer Awards, Esplanade's Octoburst!, Okto TV and Esplanade Da:ns Festival 2012 to name a few.

As a group, their ambition is to grow stronger as a team, and eventually be recognized for their talent and versatility. They also aim to be role models to the younger generation, and inspire others to pursue their dreams at a young age.

As much as they enjoy the limelight and the joy of dancing, Mini Groovers are well trained and disciplined in understanding the value of their families’ support, education and most importantly the friendship that have brought them together. It is mainly because of these reasons that they are driven to improve themselves, individually and as a group.

These kids will not stop until they have reached the top!



Our crew and talents are available for hire to spice up your next event. Do contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Michelle at 68849072/97422973.