(profile) jingwen 

Ng Jing Wen (b. 1995) graduated with a Diploma in Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts (2015) and has had a strong and sustained development in dance throughout her life. She started her dance education at the age of seven under the Royal Academy of Dance, Through out her primary and secondary school education she has developed a strong interest and formal education in dance through after school activities.

After graduation, she has been actively engaged within the dance industry – teaching and dancing commercially. As part of danzpeople’s official crew, she has performed in places like the Esplanade during dan:s fest. Additionally, she has numerous achievements such as the Finalist for Singapore Dance Delight (2016), Top 5 Soloist for the Royal Dance Off (2017), Top 3 (Group Category) for the Royal Dance Off (2015) and Top 5 in the NTU Funk Jam Showcase (2017).

As part of her teaching career, her schools have collectively achieved 1 Distinction Award in 2016 and 2 Merit Awards in 2017.