(profile) toby 

Watching Janet Jackson’s MTVs during Toby’s adolescent years flicked on the love switch for dance that only grew in intensity with time.  Among the numerous dance competitions he has taken part in and gained recognisation for; the most memorable one was winning an award at the Hip Hop International, in Melbourne, Australia, in 2004.   

A backup dancer for Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Tsai, Hong Kong veteran singer Francis Yip, and local artists Derrick Hoh, Hagen Tan and most recent Taufik Batisah ; he continuously develops his savoir-faire for Hip Hop dancing in the glitzy arena of  the entertainment industry. Participating in shows for businesses like Mykita, Moet Hennessy Diageo Singapore, Canon Singapore, Givenchy, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank; sharpen his sense of dance choreography for commercial marketing purposes.

Keen to engage more actively in the local art scene, he formed an all-girls dance team, La Femme who was first runner-up in their virgin dance competition, ‘Dream Catchers - Love to Dance’, on 6th June 2011.

A versatile and talented dancer capable of a wide genre of dances, Toby constantly challenges himself in bringing the art of Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Reggae, J/K Pop and House to new platforms.  Music and dance, he muses, are inseparable soul mates, one enhancing the other; this is well- reflected in his often times, quirky taste of songs. Dance, he believes, is a form of self expression and a means of communicating in a poetic and wordless way; he pays attention to how emotions are portrayed in his choreography.  Unafraid of experimenting with different dance styles, he freely fuses unlikely schools, such as Ballet and Hip Hop, with surprisingly delightful results.

Each class goes beyond the presentation of dance know-how; but is a unique journey in which he takes together with his students; he works hard to ensure that the overall dance experience is a meaningful and fulfilling one.  Toby has a pleasant disposition, is highly encouraging and always approachable; and above it all, is a teacher one would like to call a friend.