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Kayte Willis is an individual known in the street dance and commercial dance industry in Singapore. Born in the Philippines but a Singaporean at heart, she represents a very strong respected female dancer in the industry throughout the years.

Her dance career took off when she won champion for Hip Hop International 2005 and winning the first ever hip hop battle in Singapore 'Bounce-Battle of the streets' in 2005. From winning competitions, she was then awarded as 'Best Female Dancer' for the first ever International Dance Competition CODE EDGE in 2006. She continued to have won a couple more dance competitions such as SG Hip Hop Championship 2007 & Street Arts Festival & Marc Ecko Hip Hop Battle and Top 20 teams under Hip Hop Category in Beijing, China.

Her biggest breakthrough was offered teaching in various studios such as Danz People, Recognize Studios, Dance House studio, Soul Theory Studios. Kayte Willis was also the first batch of choreographers to be showcased in the first ever Choreography dance production called CHOREOGRAPHERS BALL in Singapore 2010. She was chosen amongst the local street dance industry to be highlighted as one of SGs youngest inspiring choreographer in the community. This earned her an opportunity to work with Andye J’s (United States - International Choreographer) her first ever International Choreographer experience! Kayte Willis has traveled to teach for dance projects and conducted workshops in United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia.



Kayte Willis recent works includes clinching champion for Battle of the Choreographers 2014. Producing and directing for her crew Blaqueneez for Tokyo Studio Swag performance in 2014 was one of her breakthrough internationally.



Super 24 2015 - 1st runner up

Pulse Dance Comp 2015 - 1st runner up

All Babes Cineilesure Dance 2015 - 1st runner up

Super 24 2016 - Champion


Kayte Willis is actively teaching at Danzpeople Studios mentoring, coaching students and sending them for competitions and performances. She is also traveling for workshops around South East Asia.