(profile) wei na 

Wei Na started off with Ballet when she was a child; her secondary school CCA at River Valley High School Dance Society exposed her to Chinese and Modern Dance; and she eventually ventured into Hip Hop in NUS Dance Blast! under the tutelage of Mr Patrick Loo.

She further pursued her interest in Street Styles at Broadway Dance Center, NYC, in 2016, completing their International Student Visa Program. She is currently a member of Danzpeople studio’s resident crew, United Groovers, where she trains regularly. Most recently, she and Danz People’s performing crew, UG won First prize at DanceTex 2016, a dance competition organized in conjunction with Sitex 2016.

Wei Na believes in movement and music inspiring people to dance and hopes to share this inspiration with others. She also considers dance as a non-academic platform for young people to develop character and values such as discipline and respect which is essential in life.