(profile) ryezal 

Ryezal started dancing at the age of 17 years old with a group of young dancers who love hip hop music and the dance and start a local dance crew called Flair Brothers. With a dance guidance under professional local street dancers such as Daniel (Flair Brothers), Melissa Lim (Deep Feat) and Gin Lam (O School). Raizal (also known as Ryezal) begin to explore more in depth in hip hop dance culture and its knowledge from the overseas instructors such as Buddha Stretch (Elite Force Crew), Kumari Suraj, Kyogo (D’oam), Niako (Legion, France), Hurricanes (USA), Hiro (MiddleFilter, Japan), Waackeisha (Canada), Loose Joint (USA), Link (USA) and etc.

Through experience, he begin to gain exposure and recognition in local dance scene and won numerous competitions such as floor the love, dance fiesta, dance meets old school and etc. Now, he begins to share his love for hip hop dance to people around love dancing and music. After years of experience and knowledge, he is currently the founder of a new street dance crew called BEPHAT.